From Research and Development to Product Quality Control through the various stages: Research and Development, Forging, Hot forging, Milling, Turning, Mounting, Cleaning, Finishing, Electroplating, Quality Control.


Research and development

Ongoing research , which innovates through the creation of components of complex systems and including the construction of prototypes in a laboratory environment or in an environment equipped with simulation interfaces to existing systems and the implementation of pilot lines.


Already the Etruscans through this fine art made precious jewelry. We now learn to improve and refine techniques, zeroing in on inaccuracies and reducing casting and fixing times.

Hot stamping

The technical drawing becomes an impeccable outline, the negative of the product that every designer seeks. In a facility dedicated to us: to listening to the customer.


Milling is capable of literally shaping metal. The cutters shape the material, which is fixed to the work surface by rotating the tools. Excess materials are removed, creating true masterpieces.


The tooling is run on a template, transmitting its motion to the tool, which reproduces its profile on the workpiece. The tool penetrates for plunge turning or pulls the finished part from the rest of the material for a truncated effect.


In the workshop, each item is filmed, checked, and assembled with extreme attention to detail and restistance. The first quality test for an excellent product


Through cleaning, semi-finished products are polished by removing sediment from machining and reducing metal roughness. Geometric microimperfections that furrow and scratch objects are reduced by chemical physical and mechanical processes.

Finish: welding

The heat of the microflame transforms the wire into glowing droplets, which bind the elements together without interruption, in a metallic continuity


One of the constant elements of the production. The evolution of this stage, first relegated to a transfection and now increasingly a distinctive element of a top-quality product


Electroplating: the department where imagination and chemistry meet to create increasingly innovative finishes. An ingenious way, originated in Italy, of imparting the specific properties of a metal to a base through an elletrodeposited shim. It is decorated, enriched and protected.

Quality control

Each product is manually checked for aesthetic perfection and technical consistency. Unit check before packaging allows the preparation of only the excellent products

Thickness analysis

Each production batch is tested with next-generation machinery to verify that all galvanic components are in line with customer requirements.


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