Building our future comes through the education of young people.

Chimera Gold opens its doors to those who want to learn

By actively participating in conventions that unite companies and area high schools, Chimera Gold is committed to training young people who want to learn a trade and put into practice the knowledge they learned in their school desks. The entire product development team works with students, who spend periods of between two and eight weeks with us, to develop “type collections.” Students can try their hand at both the creation of technical drawings and the industrialization stage of the created product. We combine departmental experience, instruction on customer guidelines, environmental impact, and study of the wearability of a different accessory.
For comprehensive training of the new generation product experts.



We collaborate with schools and institutions that provide professionalization courses to help put into practice what students learn in the classroom. To raise the next generation of product experts.

Talent search

We are looking for qualified personnel to expand our team, because it is from diverse skills that we derive our strength. The company meets the challenge of competing in the market with the continuous quest for improvement


We believe in training: of those who already have a background behind them so that they can continue to learn, and for those who have the experience of the job in their hands, who must always be up-to-date on new techniques. For this reason, training in the company is continuous and constant.


When Chimera Gold opened its first small location, the whole family worked together to cultivate the dream of the business. No one had the luxury of studying, in the 1980′s studying was a privilege for a few, so we started out: with our heads down and with a great desire to get to the top of our challenges. Today, however, training is indispensable, whether technical, professional or economic, it is the first requirement for entering a doubly competitive world. For this reason, Chimera Gold has established a scholarship that aims to reward the best high school students in Arezzo by donating a contribution toward enrollment in Tuscan universities or ITS.

We are Hiring

Chimera Gold is seeking young people and skilled personnel for its Italian production facility. Join the team, we are recruiting graphic programming specialists, machine maintenance workers and product developers.


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