4 decades of Innovation

Experience and attention to details are part of the know-how acquired trought the years.  Live our history of producers from its beginnins

INDUSTRY 4.0 Let’s built our future

Technology asserved to creativity

Accessories, Design and quality

Our products are unique and our materials are refined. Develop your accessory collection with us.


Our values: responsibility, quality and collaboration

The world around us is fast changing. To grow continually in the next decades and beyond, we must look forward, understand the trends and values that will shape our business in the future. We should move quickly to be prepared for what will come: today that we must be ready for the future, aware of the work that has brought us up to here.





Our products, expression of Made in Italy worldwide

The study behind each accessory recounts the perfect integration between fine leathers, precious high fashion fabrics and the great fit. The tradition expressed in all our products represents a unique legacy, made of passion and attention to details, of which we are proud.

Processing, all you need

The continuous search for a new, more efficient process also passes through the examination of expert hands.  Our artisans are true experts, they know all the characteristics of the product and study the production techniques balancing from technology to manual skills, always attentive to the environment around us.

Education: the art of sharing with future generations

The responsibility of the company also passes through training of young people.  Stimulate future generations at work, to the development of our territory, to the promotion of corporate culture and to make the value of beauty and well-made more and more appreciated.


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